About Us

Vareschi & Partners is a team of trainers, consultants born from the integration of know-how, competence and ambition of professionals. Our working style is characterized by accuracy and search for excellence.
The Vareschi & Partners team is made of experts in finance and economic management, with a consolidate professionalism in their field thanks to several working experiences in companies, counselling and university professorship, both in Italy and abroad.
Our key values are:

  • Competence and methodological rigour, achieved thanks to continuous research and updating;
  • Transparency, in all steps of business management, from internal processes to public relations;
  • Team work, intended as agreement and integration within the company, as well as quest of a partnership with the customer.

Our systematic approach is designed to guide and focus the activity of the group or of the individual to reach the business or project goals. Our working methodology, combining training, coaching and consultancy, aims at satisfying their needs, thus setting an intense and fruitful relation.
All trainers working in Vareschi & Partners combine a deep theoretical knowledge of their subject together with a proven experience in the field.
Vareschi & Partners has clearly stated its fields of activity and operates only when we are certain to be able to satisfy the customer needs and to create value for its organization. Otherwise, we refuse the assignment.
All professionals working in Vareschi & Partners share an ethic and professional code, thus creating an homogeneous company style, based on the above mentioned values.
Vareschi & Partners offers solutions rather than prescriptions, which are based on a multi-faceted concept elaboration related to up-dated information. Solutions with strong common sense and effective feasibility so as to boost the customer performances. Vareschi & Partners supports decision makers in the attainment of their project, being responsible for the results obtained.

Company Profile

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Visual Thinking

Our trainers use the visual thinking method both in virtual and presence classes, with a pragmatic slant.

Complex information is processed and showed in real time on flipchart. This method helps us to involve the participants during the training sessions, ensuring an optimal learning. All our training, coaching and consultancy courses are available in English, Italian and German.

At the end of each course, participants are provided with a digital copy of the diagrams analized. Upon the request of participants, we issue certificate of attendance containing the programme. Each topic is discussed with a practical and pragmatic method, which allows participants to recognize themselves in the examples, comparing and practicing on concrete business cases.
We offer our customers the development and application of ROI test pattern of training and personal coaching courses.

Trainers, Consultants and Network

Trainers, Consultants and coaches working for Vareschi & Partners have a remarkable theoretical and practical professionalism in several economic and financial subjects, together with a long experience in training and coaching. All team members have covered important managerial roles.
Elmar Vareschi, Vareschi & Partners CEO, boasts 30 years of experience in economic and financial subjects gained in its career as a Financial Manager in International Industrial Groups. For twenty-five years, he has been a teacher and consultant of several italian and foreign companies and a personal coach of several Managers and directors in the field of finance and economics.