Personal Coaching

This is one of the most important services offered by Vareschi & Partners.
In most cases, participants are Top Managers to whom we offer a high level of support and well-directed possibilities for development.
This coaching activity is often addressed to managers who will soon obtain increased responsibility in a company, for example in those companies where a generational change-over is taking place in the Top Management.
The Personal Coaching activities focus on economic-financial competences, which usually are not part of the participants skills.
We can support management in this activity also online.
Personal Coaching is particularly addressed to:
• General managers of a Pharmaceutical Group based in Germany, working as chemists, entering a new role as CEOs, for a six-month term;
• Purchasing Managers of a Pharmaceutical Group based in Milan, working as pharmacists, entering the Board of Directors;
• Managers of an Alimentary Group, based in Italy, needing to improve their economic-financial skills;
• Consultants of an International Consultancy Company needing to develop financial skills for a new role as Partners;
• Group Controllers of a Luxury Leader Group entering the Directory Board needing to update their technical skills.

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