Accuracy and search for excellence

Accuracy and search for excellence are the trait d’union of the Vareschi & Partners team. The team is composed by trainers, consultants and coaches.
Each professional comes from finance and economic management area, with a consolidate professionalism in their field thanks to several working experiences in companies, counselling and university professorship, both in Italy and abroad.

The Vareschi & Partners key values are:

• Competence and methodological rigour, achieved thanks to continuous research and updating;
• Transparency, in all steps of business management, from internal processes to public relations;
• Teamwork, intended as agreement and integration within the team itself, as well as quest of a partnership with the customer.

We are your company’s consultants, your coaches but at the same time we want to be your motivators!

With a deep theoretical knowledge of the economic subject together with a proven experience in the financial field, all Vareschi & Partners trainers focus the activity and projects to reach the company goals. For this reason Vareschi & Partners operates only when the customer needs will be certainly satisfied creating value for the customers’ business.

All professionals working in Vareschi & Partners share an ethic and professional code, thus creating an homogeneous company style, based on the above mentioned values.

Company Profile

Interview Elmar Vareschi